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The Big List of Home Security Tips -

The Big List of Home Security Tips - | Home Invasion Prevention Tips | Jordan Frankel |
Having a home that is both safe and secure is something we all deserve. But security is no accident. The steps we take to make our homes safer and more secure determines the reality in which we live. Therefore, knowing how to improve security is paramount to creating a safe home. Below is a list …
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Home Security Tips

Simple Ways to Decrease Your Home Security Risk

The fact that anyone can view photographs of your residence presents as a serious home security risk. To decrease your chance of becoming a home crime victim, take my advice as a home security expert:

1.           Always stay aware of your surroundings when leaving and arriving home.

Not every criminal prefers to carry out their crimes while the homeowners are gone. Some—usually the more violent of criminals—like to use the residents as pawns to get what they want.

To decrease your risk of falling prey to a criminal laying in wait, stay aware of your environment when leaving and arriving home. If you pull into a garage, look around and be cautious of potential hiding places and anyone who might attempt to walk in behind you. The more hiding places you can eliminate around your home, the better.

2.           Never answer the door to a stranger.

Criminals don't come with a warning sign. So it's up to you to BEWARE! No matter how official the person on the other side of your door looks, it is never a good idea to open the door to someone you don't know or didn't invite to your home.  If you don't feel you can ignore the stranger, converse through the locked door. If they try to convince you to open the door or refuse to leave, call 911 and/or activate your home alarm.

3.           Invest in home security devices that deter criminals and protect against forcible entries.

Burglars and other criminals look for homes that appear unprotected and provide easy entry. To deter criminals, equip your home with an alarm system and a prominent display of multiple monitoring company signs. A wireless surveillance system with multiple security cameras can also be an effective crime deterrent, as well as serve as an early warning device for you and your family.

To keep the bad guys out, research and invest in home security door and window devices that protect against forcible entries. Relying on nothing more than the standard locks on your doors and windows is a huge security mistake!


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