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Family terrorized during violent home invasion. Does The Man in the Photo Appear Scary - He Should!

Family terrorized during violent home invasion. Does The Man in the Photo Appear Scary - He Should! | Home Invasion Prevention Tips | Jordan Frankel |

Authorities are asking the public to them identify several men who they say tied up and terrorized a family for about two hours during an armed robbery at a home in Kingwood earlier this year. Police spotted the black BMW on the southbound lanes of the North Freeway and pulled the driver over. Siniad Vanessa Gonzalez, 21, was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery in the home invasion.

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Home Invasion Survival Tips

The Security Onion: The More Layers The Better.

Layer 1 - Safety Plan

Implementing a security plan in the case of a home invasion can drastically improve your chances of surviving the ordeal. To increase the likelihood of survival, be sure to take the following into consideration when devising your plan:

  • Include emergency phone numbers in your plan.
  • Include an escape plan and/or route for each member of your family.
  • Rehearse the plan by enacting a mock home invasion using of a stopwatch. Keep rehearsing over and over again.
  • Distribute a copy of your plan to trusted neighbors, review it with them, and inform them of their vital role.
  • Put your plan in writing and thoroughly review and discuss it with your entire family to ensure they understand the plan.

Layer 2 – Deterrence

Increasing the security of your home could be what deters and prevents an intruder from ever entering your home. To decrease your risk of experiencing a home invasion, put as many of the following preventive measures in place as possible:

  • Treat all accessible windows with a protective glass security film.
  • Add outdoor LED security motion lighting to the perimeter of your home.
  • Ensure all entry doors to your home are constructed of solid wood or metal.
  • Replace standard exit door hinges with steel screws that are at least 2 ½ inches in length.
  • Ensure that all sliding doors and windows are equipped with anti-lift or anti-slide features.
  • Install high-grade dead bolts, quality locks, and peepholes with a wide-angle lens on all entry doors.
  • Insert a metal rod or solid wooden dowel in the tracks of at-risk doors and windows that slide horizontally, such as glass patio doors.
  • Install a high quality security door brace at the base of the interior side of entry doors. The brace must be able to withstand a minimum of 1800 lbs. of pressure.
  • Never open the door to a stranger, including repairmen, delivery people, or anyone else you are not expecting. Ask delivery people to leave deliveries that you are not expecting on the doorstep.

With a well-constructed door brace and protective window films in place, you can drastically reduce an intruder’s ability to force his way into your home. Although these security devices are not 100% intrusion proof, they require significant force, time and effort to break through. This makes intruders much more likely to give up and flee the premises than to continue on and risk getting caught.

You can also use a security door brace to turn a walk-in closet, bedroom, or some other room of your home into a "safe room." Having a high quality security door brace mounted at the base of the door to the room can buy you the valuable time needed to contact police and wait for their arrival before the intruder can get to you and your family.



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