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Can I Shoot A Home Invader? - Never Hunt or Confront An Intruder

Can I Shoot A Home Invader? - Never Hunt or Confront An Intruder | Home Invasion Prevention Tips | Jordan Frankel |
NOTE: Since writing this article on January 26, 2012, the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida, has raised a firestorm of controvery about “Stand Your Ground” laws. The Wikipedia entry on “Castle Doctrine,” upon which “Stand Your Ground” legislation is based, also is in flux. Home Invasion News recommends that you check for updates in …
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Never Hunt or Confront A Home Invader


When it comes to falling victim to a home invasion, it’s hard to know what your instinctive reaction will be until you’re in the midst of the frightening event. Our reactions depend on many things: age, gender, health, strength, personality, culture, skills, etc.


With all of those factors in mind, there are three common responses that people usually fall into:
•run away
•comply with demands
•resist and/or fight the intruder.


Of all the possible response, one thing is for certain: there is no single "right way" to respond to a life-threatening home intrusion. Your response depends on your own personal assessment of the situation, which include the level of danger, realistic options, your mental and physical skills, as well as your family members.


In some situations, screaming and putting up a fight works. In other cases, complete compliance with the intruder’s demands gets you through the ordeal alive. Yet, in some instances, compliance just increases the amount of time the intruder spends in your home, elevating the risk of the intruder entertaining and carrying out more sinister acts upon you or your family members. Murder, rape and extreme physical injuries are not uncommon during home invasions.

Because every situation is different, it’s imperative that you give some serious thought ahead of time on how you and the members of your family might respond under such circumstances and take appropriate safety measures. Taking into account the following safety tips can greatly improve your chances of survival.


The Security Onion: The More Layers The Better.


Layer 1 - Family Safety Plan

Having a family safety plan in place for your family and neighbors to follow should a home invasion occur can greatly improve your chances of making it through the ordeal alive. To improve the chance of appropriate action being taken by your family members and/or neighbors, make sure to do the following:
•Include emergency contact numbers.
•Include an escape plan for each of your family members.
•Review and discuss the plan with each member of your family.
•Utilizing a stopwatch, practice the plan by acting out hypothetical scenarios.
•Put a plan in writing and rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse with your entire family.
•Provide your neighbors with a copy of the plan, review it with them, and advise them of their role.

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