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Home Invasion Prevention/ Scenario Based- Force on Force Advanced / But Should You Really Confront a Intruder? The Security Sensei Say No!

Home Invasion Prevention/ Scenario Based- Force on Force Advanced / But Should You Really Confront a Intruder? The Security Sensei Say No! | Home Invasion Prevention Tips | Jordan Frankel |
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If you think attending the occasional kick boxing class is going to help you protect your family from an intruder, you could be sadly mistaken. The key to protecting your family is taking the precautionary measures necessary to reduce your risk of being confronted by a home invader in the first place.


So what's the best way to keep the bad guys on the outside of your home? The following are a few important preventive measures you can take.


Reinforce your door frames and hinges. Installing a security door brace that withstands a minimum of 1800 pounds of force will also go a long in preventing thugs from entering your home.

Treat all ground floor windows with glass protection film. These protective window coatings can significantly slow down an intruder, supplying you the precious seconds needed to call the police or retreat to a predetermined safe room, such as a basement or locking closet with a reinforced door.


Install outdoor, high-intensity LED motion lighting underneath a minimum of two roof-line eaves. Motion detection lighting is a fantastic way to startle and deter intruders.

Keep your alarm system set day and night. Alarm systems are important components of any home security plan. However, a recent study suggests that up to 25% of homeowners neglect to set their alarm systems. No matter if its day or night, make sure you and your family members set your home's alarm system.


In addition, ensure everyone is familiar with how to operate the keypad. Most home security systems have a panic button located on the keypad. Knowing how to activate the panic button in an emergency can yield numerous benefits, including signaling the police to respond with higher priority than normal, which can speed up the overall response time. Alarm keypads also have the ability to display the zone or area of the home that was breached. Informing the 911 dispatcher of the intruder’s location on the premises can be extremely helpful to the police in apprehending the intruder.


Never open the door to a stranger. If you aren't expecting that person that claims to be a service technician, delivery man, or police officer, do not open your door when they come knocking. Instead, ask for their name and the name of their employer, and then call the company or agency directly to verify their identity. If you suspect foul play of any kind, call 911 immediately.


No one wants to endure the frightening ordeal of a home invasion. Even if no one is physically harmed, the fear victims experience often times leave emotional scars that last a lifetime. So don't fool yourself into thinking you can fight off the bad guys like the heroes do in the movies. You can be a hero just by taking the necessary steps to fortify your home so that the bad guys stay out.

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